In the next ten years...

We will live in a rhythm of developing Christ-centered, spiritually healthy individuals to continually lead by engaging and serving families in the greater Long Beach area.



The MISSION of The Branch is three fold:

– To LOVE God and to love others.

– To LEARN the ways of Jesus and to learn our culture and community.

– To LIVE out what we’re learning, while living with and serving the community we’re a part of.

We love to keep things super simple. We study the scriptures and we seek to live its truths out. We make friends. We serve others. We learn about God. The rest is all extra.


The Branch is part of the Foursquare family and we are located in the beautifully diverse city of Long Beach, California. We have a rich collective history of great women and men of God who've poured into our community in amazing ways. Pastor Mary Rood started it all off on November 16, 1952 as a pioneer church in one of the church members' garage. The Lord blessed Pastor Mary and her leaders a few years later by allowing them to purchase our current property and to build a small chapel.


Rev. and Mrs. G.P. Kimber took over the pastorate shortly after and, in March of 1957, the edifice of what is now our current sanctuary was completed and dedicated.

Through the years, various pastors have continued to follow the Holy Spirit's leading toward engaging the community and to preaching the hope and love of Jesus to the greater Long Beach area. 

Pastors Paul and Bonnie Thiemens, after leading our community for nearly 20 years, answered the call to take a small team of leaders toward the East Coast to plant a church in Portland, Maine. This paved the way for our church, in April of 2018, to experience a refreshing move of the Spirit by merging our faith community together with a growing church plant. 


Under the leadership of pastor, Derrick Engoy, our church rebuilt a strong spiritual foundation that honored the amazing legacy of the past, while branching out into the new ways God is leading us toward loving and serving Long Beach. 

Now, with Pastor Michelle Buck stepping into the Interim Lead Pastor role, The Branch is set up for great Kingdom impact for years to come.

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